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A bi-weekly podcast born out of the rust belt of America, brought to you by 5 idiots with microphones!

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Season 3 Mini Twist 5 - Midwestern State Tier List - Feb 23, 2024

In this second consecutive Mini Twist we talk about Gabriel's horrible menu skills, question the existence of Bouncertown, and do a Midwestern State Tier list.

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"I eat rust for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Stop the steal!"

- Average Hoosier, Apple Podcast

"Work it, Gabe! Can we have Gunnar with the computer voice back? I liked computer-Gunnar better..."

- Soundcloud Rapper, Soundcloud

"Reality With a Twist make the most boring topics even more boring. 10/10 great podcast, would listen again."

- A guy from Norway, Spotify